Nov 21, 2011

I am BLANK because

if you've stopped by my blog in the last few days, I'm sure it looked kind of crazy. I wanted to fix it but I wasn't sure what I wanted. And then I didn't feel like being there you go.
I saw this on a few blogs so I thought I would play along. Happy Monday :)
I’m weird because…
Whenever I get bangs I always pin them back
I can drink coffee at 10pm at night and sleep fine
I actually like the taste of diet sodas over regular
I love socks
I like rainy days
I like doing laundry
I dislike cooking
I can't eat a sloppy joe unless it has cheese on it
I can't stand the taste of tea..any kind
I don't like seafood
I would rather sing in front of hundreds of people rather than speak in front 10

I’m a bad friend because…
I  get my feelings hurt easily
I’m a good friend because…
I respond to voicemails/texts as soon as I see them
I would do almost any favor needed
I am forgiving and understanding
I always keep secrets
I’m sad because…
I can't find the time to do all I want to in a day
My baby got shots today
I wish our family was closer (relationship wise)
I need to be better at letting things roll off my back
I want my flower beds to not be overgrown with weeds
I’m happy because…
my kids are healthy
I got some new boots on Saturday
I got to see breaking dawn with my friends
I’m excited for…
decorating the house for christmas this week
Planning Kingston's 3rd birthday
Black friday


  1. Geez. I was think about doing this post tomorrow but it seems you wrote ot for me. We have a lot in common. Did you like breaking dawn?

  2. haha thats funny! Yes, I looooved it :)

  3. I love your list! I love doing laundry too! And caffeine has never had much affect on me. Guess we're both weirdos. :)

  4. I loved reading your list, I have to say the "loving laundry" is very weird. LOL. :) I'm a new follower!!