Nov 5, 2011

date nights and things that make me smile

It's Saturday evening. the husband and I just got back from a date night! saw the help. loved it. We're brewing our third pot of coffee for the day, just so we can stay up and possibly catch SNL. but it's 10:30pm and the odds of that happening are not looking good. when did we get so old?

we had a family photo shoot this afternoon. Kingston didn't cooperate. I know I'll appreciate his stubbornness some day, like when he's faced with peer pressure or something. but today...not so much.


I've felt so good lately. After fighting depression for a year, I finally feel some freedom and I'm so determined to appreciate all the things around me. I don't want to take another moment for granted. These are just a few snapshots of things that have made me happy this week.

Watching little brothers play together

pumpkin spice coffee creamer

putting holidays on the calendar

my son and the love of his life...trains


  1. Yay for date night! We need more of those! I love that you already have Black Friday scheduled. I always wait until the last minute to decide if I'm up for it or not. Happy Sunday!

  2. Happy Sunday to you as well! You should totally go...I never get that much and don't usually go for the hot items everyone will be after, but it's just so much fun. My mom and I go every year!

  3. i love date nights!! and SNL!!!! ( i've had no TV for about 2 months now.. so i miss it!) Good luck with Black Friday.... hope you can score some sweet deals! Love the new header!