Nov 8, 2011

along the way

Our pastor preached a message on Sunday that has had me thinking since. It was all about persecution and how all of us, desire respect from our peers. One of the things he said really stuck out to me...

"Some of you have lost friends along the way, but it was because that part of you needed to die"

I can honestly say that I've lost a few friends in my life. Friends that were my best at one point, and now our relationship only exist because of facebook or they might be on the list to receive a christmas card.

As I look back... I realize that after those relationships "ended" I grew as a person and in my walk with God. It wasn't because that friend did anything or hindered me in any way, but it was because of the person I was when I was around them...and that needed to change.

I never made the decision to stop being someones friend. It's actually been the opposite. At times I've thought back to the circumstances that caused our relationship to end, and I feel hurt and betrayed. But I have to wonder if there was a greater work in the mix.

I think we can take almost every situation we face in our lives and look at it two ways. We can either let it bring hopelessness and allow it to defeat us... or we can use it as a stepping stone to grow. We can break free from the fear of our friend's opinions and really live the way we feel called to.

I have given these hurts way too much of my time and energy which makes me disappointed with all thats been waisted. But I can also see the fruit it's brought into my life and even the new friends I have now.

For that I am thankful


  1. great perspective! what a blessing to see growth in grace! xo

  2. I am just finding your blog from the Wiegands.You have a beautiful family!
    Cant wait to be a follower :)