Oct 14, 2011

still leaning

So, I know I've been whining a bunch on here lately about how we've had a lot of things going on. Well one of the minor things that happened was our kitchen sink leaking slowly, for who knows how long, into the cabinet and caused some major damage which turned moldy. Today they started working on removing the affected areas.

It's going to be an interesting weekend without a kitchen sink..

We think the mold is probably the cause for all of Ben's health issues. Ben's health issues? Oh yea! Ben's ears started ringing over a month ago..and then the doctor found a bacteria. I'm not gonna go into it all but there have been multiple doctor and ER visits and $100 worth of medication on top of twice that much in copays and a lot of time off work. Ben has been through so much and our family has too. 

I don't want to give away all the details since only one other person (my mother) knows what we've been dealing with but a few weeks ago we experienced extreme happiness and then devastation all in a matter of days and with all these other things we've had to deal with, all these annoying problems, like a car accident, car repairs, home repairs, Ben being sick and family coming in town (thats not annoying) I'm not sure I'll ever get to stop and process it. 

I don't understand so many things but I trust that God has this all figured out. It's going to get better...I know it...so... I'm just waiting for things to get better.

In the mean time...they still make me smile


  1. Oof! That is a lot going on! I know family coming in town isn't "annoying" and is quite welcomed, but having guests can throw things off some and become overwhelming. We're fortunate that our family's come in a lot and Chris's sister spends a lot of weekends with us since she is in town for college, but sometimes it gets hard trying to play host. It is especially weird for us sometimes since we work from home. The storm will settle down soon enough. And your kitchen might be prettier. :)