Oct 12, 2011

Retail Therapy

Yesterday I was overwhelmed and frustrated. I'm so ready for life to go back to normal, for Ben to go back to work and for the house to be put back together so we can get on with our routines. I feel like life has stopped for the past month and I was ready to explode. So I grabbed Kingston and we left the house. I decided to spend the afternoon with just him. It's so rare that happens.

I took him to the mall and let him play, then I got him a happy meal and then I decided what would make me happy...and that was to make him happy. So, we walked down to the disney store. I knew we were getting him buzz lightyear for his birthday but I decided we were getting it today instead. When I pulled it off the shelf and showed it to him, his eyes got really big and he whispered, "wow" while his jaw remained open for at least 5 minutes.

And that made my day.

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