Oct 9, 2011

pumpkin patch and co-sleeping

Ben's sister got in town Thursday night. We've had a lot of fun since she's been here with taking the kids to blue bird gap farm and also to hunt club farm. I don't feel the urge to feed or pet another goat for a very long time now but I got the pictures that I must get every year with my kid(s) in the pumpkin patch so it was totally worth every meltdown. I can't believe I've never taken Kingston to blue bird gap farm. My mom used to take us all the time as kids and it's all free. Kingston loved the ducks. We could have gone to a lot less trouble and just found a pond instead.

This one makes my heart melt

Since Ben's sister is in town she's been sleeping in Kingston's room which has forced us into some co-sleeping with Kingston. There is nothing "co" about it. Kingston takes over the bed entirely. There were times he would be horizontal across Ben and I or smacking us in the face and at one point he was running his hands through my hair so Ben decided to just sleep on the couch last night and it was a little better.

I'm looking forward to doing a lot of nothing after this weekend.


  1. nothing like being kicked all.night.long. *sigh* Addie is still in my bed...

    Love the family pic...even if King is sticking his finger in Weston's ear! lol

  2. lol every morning when he gets up he tells everyone, "I slept in mommy's bed!!!". I'm hoping it's not something we'll have to break him of in a few days when SIL leaves.

  3. That co-sleeping does sound difficult! Eliot grabs onto one of us and cuddles like a koala baby all night. If I move my arm from under him, he does the horizontal thing sometimes too. If he did it all the time, though, he'd be out.

  4. haha Eliot is a little smaller too!