Oct 1, 2011

one of those days

I cannot believe everything that has happened the last few weeks...but this will just be about today. I'm shaking as I write this. I'm not sure if I'm just exhausted or really stressed out...probably both.

Ben went on a men's encounter/retreat this weekend. This is my first time home alone with the boys, actually I've never been without him since before we had Kingston. This morning I had to get us all up, showered, dressed, fed, coffeed and out the door to meet my mom so we could go to CBN's 50th anniversary event. I don't know what was up with Kingston but he refused to do anything. Thats really out of character for him. I knew he wouldn't ride the ponies but he wouldn't even jump on the inflatables, get a balloon made or face painting and he had a huge tantrum. We waited in line after line only to reach the front and have him decide he didn't want to do whatever we were waiting for.

My mom could only stay for an hour so I was on my own trying to let kingston have fun and he kept saying he wanted to go home or running away from me. So we made the trek back..I pushed 50 pounds worth of children through the grass and we waited for the shuttle to take us back to our car...when it pulls up Kingston announces he has to go potty..of course..so we head back to the bathrooms..I don't know how I manage to do the things I do with one hand sometimes. Once we're back outside we wait again for another shuttle..it pulls up. I have Weston on my hip, a 30lb stroller in the other hand and I'm trying to get Kingston to listen to me as we load the shuttle and head back to the car. I'm frazzled but the day has only begun.

A few days earlier during a power struggle with Kingston over my phone it dropped and the screen shattered so today I wanted to get it fixed before Jayden's birthday party. We run home to grab Jayden's gift. While we're there Kingston spills his milk and Weston crawls through it, I clean the floor, I change them both, weston throws up, I change him again and load them back in the car.

The cell phone repair place says they'll fix it today but they close at 5pm. Jayden's party is at 3pm so I know this is not going to work so well. When I get to the party I see nothing is ready and so I'll have to leave before the cake and presents to get my phone. I decide to get on the phone with verizon for 15 minutes to activate an old phone so I'll at least have something until monday. Well Kingston decides to act a fool and Jayden was not treating him very nicely so my mama bear instincts came out and we left.

I realize we have time to get my phone after all so we head back to the repair shop..while we're there Kingston jumps from chair to chair, tries to climb the counters and with Weston on my hip and keys and wallet in the other hand kingston again announces that he has to go potty but once we're in the bathroom he doesn't have to go. I get the phone..we go home.

My mom comes over later and wanted us all to go to a few stores. She promises she'll hold Weston b/c my right arm has lost all feeling...as I'm backing out of the driveway I slam into my mom's car and completely smash her back door in...I should've seen her car but my brain stopped working at some point in the day and she admitted her parking gave me no room to get out. We laugh it off and still go to the store where Kingston threw the biggest tantrum of his life. Of course after I go on the other day on this blog about how well he had been behaving. He gathers himself back together, we finish our shopping, pick up dinner and finally arrive home for the evening to relax....except once we're home I realize we are completely out of formula for Weston...so back to the store I go.

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