Oct 28, 2011

More about me

In no particular order..

I am a middle child
my maiden name was "osborn" and is now "floyd" but I'm no rockstar :)
my favorite color changes but I like red right now
I was homeschooled
I like rain
I am not a baby wearing mama..simply because it hurts my back
I had spinal fusion surgery as a child
I'm quiet and tend to be a homebody but I do like to get out every now and then. I just don't always feel like I need to
I don't really like summer
I can't wait to watch Kingston experience christmas this year
I'm scared to own a minivan but feel it's probably inevitable
I don't like sewing but it saves me $$ in hemming my jeans and taking things in
I cloth diapered my oldest from birth to potty training
I don't like labels especially when it comes to parenting styles
I love to be outside
Roller coasters
I let my kids play with my phone
I let them play in the dirt
I'm not scared of germs
We are scared of bugs
my husband is my favorite person in the world (also scared of bugs)
I don't like ice cream
cake is okay
My kids are on schedules (most of the time)
I like budgeting
we follow dave ramsey
I'm short

and now .... I have short hair!

(excuse the picture quality-photobooth)


  1. Your hair looks great! It always does, short or long. Very jealous. :)

  2. Thank you, Katie :)

    Jenn, yes I did!

  3. Very cute! You always look cute though :)

  4. Cute hair! :o) I also cloth diapered my boy from about 4 mo to potty trained. My girl has mostly been in cloth 3 mo until now (13 mo). :o) Go mama!

  5. some days I miss it..so much cheaper and better all around but my second little man just wasn't having it...so we do all sposies now

  6. You forgot to put adorable! Its so refreshing to hear parents let their kids play in the dirt! Get em dirty! Get em immune! OH how I miss playing with mud pies!

  7. i'm an only child too! AND i like rain :D


  8. This was a fun post. Thanks for sharing some random facts about yourself.

    I'm hopping over from the blog hop on Miss Mommy!