Oct 25, 2011

It's simple yet profound

This morning I was determined to spend some time in prayer. I used to start off every morning that way. Even with the kids running and toddling around me. But this past month our lives have been totally off track with all that we've had going on.. so it's taken a back burner.

I put on some music, opened my bible and I suddenly felt overwhelmed. Do you ever go a period of time without doing this and not know where to even start? I pray throughout the day.. but I don't always make it a point to actually sit down and listen to see if God has a response.

I sat there for a while.
I sipped my coffee.
I redirected the boys a few times.
I sang along with the music a bit.

I wrote a few prayers about how I wanted to be here, I want to be focused but my mind was just not allowing it. I was thinking about the laundry, about the songs we were going to run over in worship practice tonight and everything else that needed to get done.

My mind can wander quickly..but out of no where, Kingston who is not yet even 3, starts singing. I'm not sure if he knew what the words that were coming out of his mouth meant, but it brought revelation to my heart. He was singing "I was made for loving you" over and over as he was pushing his trains along the floor. That wasn't even the song we were listening to but it was in his heart, it was what he knew and I have to wonder, if God used him in that moment, to minister to mine.

  Through the praise of children and infants 

   you have established a stronghold against your enemies, 
   to silence the foe and the avenger - psalms 8:2

It made me realize (once again) that it really is that simple. I have this idea in my head of what God expects from me....but in reality, what He created me for was to first and foremost....love Him. I think I sometimes forget that or maybe I don't actually believe it could be enough...but it is...and I'm so blessed that I was reminded of this by my son.


  1. This is a GREAT post!! Thank you so much! I needed this today!!

    Digger ~xoxo~

  2. glad it encouraged someone else...I needed it too :)

  3. a love that Jesus wants us to just BE with Him. i find it so easy to get caught up in what He wants me to DO for Him, instead of just loving Him.