Oct 4, 2011

It's just a number

Mr Floyd and I are sitting here watching biggest loser and so it got me thinking how I'm finally happy with my weight. I have been for a few months but you know how you (or at least I) hate when people post about how they lost are their baby weight in like a lot less time than you did? Well I didn't want to be that person...but this is my blog and I'm proud of where I'm at after two babies....two really large babies.

**Before you read this and think I have some sort of eating disorder..I don't. I'm very petite and these numbers are within a healthy rage for my height.**

So, with Weston (baby #2) I started off at 97pounds. I gained 35 pounds total. Two weeks post partum I had 18 pounds to go.

(bahhh I look so...big)

Three months post partum I had 6 annoying pounds left....they came off sooooo slowly. One by one.

(sorry for such bad pictures of me. I didn't allow the camera near me much during that time)

For the past 3 months I've been holding at 95-96 pounds...smaller than before even Kingston but I feel different...everything has changed..still it was totally worth it and at least I feel confident in my clothes now :) 

Now heres to hoping I can enjoy my body back to myself for at least another year!


  1. You look great! You and I are at the same weight, and I worry about ever mentioning the number specifically because people just don't get the height thing. Ha. I just hope things go this smooth next time around.

  2. Thank you katie! That's so true about the number and I think you look amazing too :)