Oct 17, 2011

Hey Monday

Today is the start of life getting back to normal. I think the husband is feeling better and he's back at work. Our kitchen is currently being rebuilt and I've actually done some laundry and washed dishes in the bathroom this morning.

This weekend I met up with all my old co-workers. In 2008 we all drank the same water I guess and got pregnant with little boys, thats right all 5 of us! We try and get them together a few times a year, and this weekend we chose the pumpkin patch/petting farm.

 Were missing one..they didn't make it that day

We had a great time with only one incident. My son is 100% boy. There is no "sissy" in him whatsoever and he thinks everyone else should enjoy wrestling and moshing in the bounce house as much as he does no matter how many times I've told him that isn't so. So, one of the moms of some, not so tough boys, got all uptight about Kingston rolling on her kids. Kingston was removed right away and I had no issue with that until this mom started going off about how my son was doing it to "all of the kids" when the majority of the kids were our kids. I informed her that my son was two years old!!! and that she could drop it since he was out of the bounce house and if her kids can't handle being in a bounce house where, God forbid they get bumped into, maybe they shouldn't go in one.

I'll admit she pushed my buttons a bit. There have been many occasions at parks and mall play places that my son has been knocked over, called names and even kicked in the crotch. Did I go all nuts on the parent? No, kids are kids! Do I think Kingston should have been removed for what he was doing? Absolutely! I would have apologized to her, had she not gone all crazy.

annnywayyy...tomorrow Weston turns 11 months so I'll be bragging about how much more awesome he's become since last month!

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