Oct 26, 2011

Boy Mom

I've recently come across quite a few blogs that I really like. I noticed that they are all blogs by women who have boys. If you are a "boy mom" reading this, then you can probably relate.

When we went in for the big ultrasound with baby number two I knew as soon as I could see the baby on the big screen that it was a boy. I teared up. I was immediately picturing my little boys playing together and having this incredible bond. I felt so happy for Kingston that he would get to experience that. I thought back (not too far back) to when Kingston was a newborn and how precious he was (and still is of course) and was thrilled we were going to have that again.

Little did I know that after stepping out of that imaging center, I would receive hurtful comments from friends, family and strangers for the next 5 months of my pregnancy and still do to this day. Comments like, "awww well there is a girl in there somewhere" and "are you sad?" or "are you gonna try for a girl next time?".

Yes, I'm serious! 

I didn't know how to respond because I was so shocked at the comments. I try to pretend it doesn't bother me that people think there is something wrong with the gender of my children, but it does hurt at times. I would never trade my little boys for anything. I used to think I wanted daughters. My only fear with having sons is that they might not want to be close once they are older. It seems that daughters are closer with their mothers but I know it isn't always that way and I'm hoping that my boys will remain close with me. They are both mama's boys right now.

Sometimes I question God and what He's doing in my life. Why did He give me these sons when I always pictured myself with girls? It just goes to show that He knows us better than we know ourselves. He created me and my personality and He knew just what children to give me. Sure, we have our days where we all clash and things get a little ugly, but it's like we all just fit. We all get each other. I'm not always a very sensitive person (though I do try) so I wonder if I would know how to cater to a little girls feelings.

Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from him. 

~ Psalm 127:3

The older my boys get and the more I get to know them....I better understand the Fathers plan for my life and for our family and I really can't imagine it any other way.

If baby number two would have been a girl...then I wouldn't have had my little Weston

(I can't look at this picture and not tear up)

My family may not look perfect in so many of the worlds eyes...but it is in my mine. I hate the pressure that is put on us to look a certain way, do things in a certain order, have the right amount of children, drive the right car etc etc. 

Focus on what is right for your family and hang on to God's promises for your life. It looks different for everyone and there is nothing wrong or "less fun" in that.


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    You have a friend.


  2. Well hello Lesley! I love this post! I am a boy mom to the extreme :) I mean we have 3... and that's just so far. We are due with our 4th little blessing in January (we don't know the sex) but chances are.. it's boy #4 :) lol... and the comments just keep getting better and better the more of one sex that you have. People can be unbelievable RUDE.. even family. Of course I'd love to squeeze a lil pink baby into our blue filled family someday.. it may and it may not happen?!? But boys love their mommies like no other and have a special bond with their moms!! boys rock!

  3. yes! yes yes yes! I was so happy to have another boy! would a girl have been great? sure, but I honestly was not disappointed even one iota