Oct 18, 2011

11 months

Weston Cole is 11 months today. I can't even believe it. A part of me is a little sad he isn't itty bitty anymore but a bigger part of me is happy. I think babies are fun but toddlers are even more fun and easier!

This past month he learned to walk! Thankfully, at our new house, there is basically nothing he can get into and he can roam the house freely and without me having nightmares about him falling down stairs.

Weston is in love with veggie tales..mainly the theme song. If he wants you to sing it he will say, "oh oh oh oh OH" mimicking the tuba...and he will do that until you start singing. Once you do, he goes nuts and claps his hands and shakes his head. It's adorable!

He's saying "oh" here

He has 8 teeth but I think molars could be soon. Maybe he'll look less like sponge bob once those come in!
Check out that drool!

He also loves elmo, cell phones, coffee mugs (especially if they are full of coffee) his baby book, any toy that Kingston doesn't want him to play with and....MOMMY! Thats right...he's a mama's boy now :)

Yesterday I looked at the calendar and noticed his birthday party is in 3 weeks...so I figured I should get on the planning wagon and I have a lady off etsy working on his invitation. We're having his baby dedication and party the same day.. so it's probably going to be a larger group than I would normally have but should be lots of fun.

Weston, I love you! You bring so much joy to our family and we are so thankful for you!


  1. sweet boys :) i have a tribe of boys of my own & there is one in particular that loves a full cup of coffee.
    not to sound creepy stalker-ish...but as i was looking at your pics some of those places looked familiar. and then read that you're from VA...i'm in chesapeake. crazy 'running' into someone that lives in town on the web first :)

  2. Thank you! Wow, 4 boys? Sounds like fun!!

    We actually just moved from chesapeake (greenbrier) to virginia beach in july! So we're not far at all :)

    Your boys are precious!