Sep 19, 2011

Weston is 10 months

Yesterday Weston turned 10 months. We had a busy but great day so I didn't get to get online.

I can't get over those eyes!

I'm taking him in for his 9 month checkup at the end of this month so I'm pretty sure his percentiles wont be accurate since he'll be 10.5 months by then but when I weighed him last month he was 19 pounds and 28.5 inches which seems to be smaller than a lot of babies his age or even least with his weight. His interest with food has really decreased lately. I know he's supposed to be getting at least 24 ounces of formula a day but I'm lucky if I can get him to drink 21.

Weston's new thing is chewing up food and spitting it out. This drives me mad because no food is getting to his belly and the mess it makes!! but I'm sure it's just some phase he's going through. He's also been experimenting with his tongue. It's almost always sticking out...looks pretty silly.

This past month he's taken a few steps. I think once he does walk he'll be really good at it. He can crawl to the middle of the room and stand up without holding on to anything and we hold our breath thinking...this is it...but then he just plops back down on his bottom.

He can say dada, mama, baba and hey but his favorite or at least the one he says the most is...oh. He learned to clap his hands and...are you ready for it?....he dances!! ahh it's the cutest thing ever.

His personality is really coming out now. He is the friendliest little guy who smiles at everyone who will look his way and lets anyone hold him..many times he just wants to sit on my lap.. I'm not used to that and I love it. He's busy but nothing like his big brother was. He can sit and focus on playing with toys instead of trying to play with everything that is not a toy.

He's still the best sleeper but I'm trying to figure out what he's needing as far as his nap go. Something needs to change and I need to figure that out soon. He's been taking really short naps and is cranky in the evening hours because he wants to go to bed but it's only like 6:00 so I'll be sorting that out soon..but until then his falling asleep randomly in the car gives me the perfect opportunity to steal kisses!

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