Sep 9, 2011

Room Time

Since we moved and the boys have their separate rooms I've been able to give Kingston what we call room time. I didn't think he'd outgrow naps before age 3 but he has and the transition wasn't an easy one. The first days of trying to put him in his room involved a total meltdown and him eventually falling asleep on the floor. The problem with him getting an afternoon nap is getting him to actually fall asleep for it and that when it comes time for him to go to bed he's definitely not tired and will be awake until 11pm. The issue with him not getting a nap resulted in some pretty intense behavior for a few weeks but just like our transition from two naps to one nap when he was a little over a year old had it's ups and downs for a period of time... his body finally adjusted. I really don't like the transition period. I feel so back and forth about it during the process.

The last two weeks room time has become an exciting part of Kingston's day for him. Whenever I let him know it's about to begin he gets all excited. We used to only do an hour but lately he's been in there for about two hours. If he asked to come out after the first hour I'd let him but since he happily plays in there I get a two hour break from both boys from 3-5pm. I love listening to him play with his trains, or read books with his tag jr.

When I come get him from his room it's so cute looking at all the things he did in there like lining up all his army men in a perfect row all facing the same way or his potato head creations. I think this is a really good thing for him and I'm so happy he's adjusted to not getting a nap and he falls right to sleep at 8pm for bedtime. No more supernanny silent returns! (which I do recommend)

Weston has started babbling in his crib for about 10-15 minutes before falling asleep for naps. I'm not sure if something in his day needs to change or if he's just more aware of the world around him and wants to talk to himself about it.

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