Sep 12, 2011

The power of cloth

My blog has had a lot of hits today...wonder if people thought I was pregnant by the title of my last post or something? haha people are always assuming your pregnant. Well I'm not.

Weston has been battling a diaper rash for over a week. Poor kid. I know it's because he's been going a lot with this tooth coming through but we both cringe for diaper changes. Everything I've tried is not working. Warm cloths instead of wipes, the usual diaper creams, and even corn starch. I never had to deal with diaper rashes with Kingston since he wore cloth diapers so this morning I went up in the attic and found some prefolds and surprisingly one snappi. I don't have any covers though. By 2:30pm his rash was already clearing up! It kind of makes me want to get a few covers to just do cloth at home. It's so much gentler on their skin. We'll see.

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