Sep 9, 2011

Potty Training

I'm going to write about how I potty trained Kingston here as a reference for myself and if you find it helpful feel free to use it :-)

- Dedicate 3 days to be home and not leave the house.
- Set a potty in every room your child will be in (we just carried the one we had from room to room)
- Get some rewards. m&m's, jelly beans, stickers, whatever gets them excited.
- This isn't a must but it sure was helpful. Prefold diapers are great for soaking up accidents if you have carpet
- Remove the diaper and pants.

Our first day was surprisingly successful. He had peed on the potty once before and that was 6 months ago. Any other time we tried he completely refused. As soon as I put the potty out I explained what it was for and that elmo did it blah blah he went and pooped in it. I gave him an m&m and went crazy in celebration.

The rest of the day he played as usual and each time before he was about to pee he would stop what he was doing and look down at the floor. That was my cue to run him to the potty. The first time he held it and refused. I reminded him that pee pee goes on the potty not the floor and let him go play. He held it for a while longer then paused..looked down and I ran him to the potty. Once again he held it. The third time he could not hold it anymore and he finally went. Huge celebration. Kingston is a quick learner so he got the concept.

By the second day whenever he had to go he just went and sat down then requested his m&m and on the 3rd day we left the house except with just pants and no underwear. I was worried underwear would feel too much like a diaper so we held off for a few weeks.

Getting him to used the big potty was somewhat of a challenge. He didn't like it but he knows his mama too well and that I wasn't giving in and eventually he wouldn't be able to hold it anymore. After a week I  took the potty out of the room because I wanted him to start telling me he had to go rather than me having to watch him for cues and constantly asking if he had to go. I'd say by the 3rd week he started telling me and he got his Thomas underwear and showed multiple strangers while we were out in public.

It was really easy training him. I didn't do pull-ups and would not put a diaper back on him once we started. He was trained in a month at 26 months.

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