Sep 2, 2011

Kingston Michael

I ordered this book. I'll let you know what I think once I've read it.

I love Kingston's personality. I wouldn't trade him for an easy going kid any day (okay maybe some days but just for a few hours). He's so smart. He's been able to recognize all the letters in the alphabet since before he was two. I don't sit down with him and teach him daily. If you show him something once, he'll get it. He knows numbers, colors and was speaking in full clear sentences around his 2nd birthday. He's also physically advanced and fearless which scares me at times.

Kingston lives his life as though he's in an action movie. He'll come running out of his room yelling quotes from Toy story from whatever scene he's currently pretending at the moment. You would think that he'd pretend he's buzz lightyear but nope, he's Woody which isn't surprising because if you've seen the movie you'd know that Woody is basically the leader or the one in charge and thats exactly how Kingston see's himself.

God gave him this amazing strong will that will be so useful when he's older but trying to direct him as a toddler can be challenging at times. I was the same way as a child. Even now when I'm around my extended family they like to bring up the way I used to behave and I feel like they completely ignore the fact that my strong personality got me to where I am today or the things I said no to and waited for and the hard work it took to get here. It's frustrating and makes me want to shelter Kingston from people like that who can't look closer and see the good things in him like how sweet he can be and how sensitive he is when others are upset. If Weston topples over he runs right to him and sits him back up or if I'm down about something he will come up and say "mommy give me hugs". Many times after he's had a tantrum, once he's gathered himself back together he will say he's sorry. I know he is, just like I used to be sorry for the way I acted but in those moments I felt ignored and that my desires didn't matter. I know he'll stand up for what he thinks is right and there will be no convincing him otherwise just like now when there is no convincing him to leave the park.

I feel that Kingston and I share a really special bond. He's very attached to me. I understand him the way that no one understood me growing up. Whenever he's falling apart emotionally I'm able to look back and remember how I felt in those moments and what I wish my parents would have done in response. I know I'm going to get it wrong a lot but I want to encourage him and hopefully draw out the good parts of his strong personality so he can do all he was created to.

I love you little boy and I wouldn't have you any other way.

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