Sep 11, 2011

Children are a reward

I read this today. It's exactly how I feel about children and what a miracles they are, even if they are little boys and not girls with all their cute little bows. If God gives me 4 children I'll feel so blessed but the world we live in will not consider me that way. I don't care. I'm letting go of America's ideals and standards of what a perfect family should look like and taking on the biblical perspective that they are a blessing. My children have taught me so many things like patience and humility and servanthood.

Yes my hands are full but they are full of good things and I hope some day and *gasp* some day in the not too far future to have them even more full. This is my reward.


  1. That article had a lot of good points! For a while, I had in my mind that we had to wait until we finished all of our schooling and we simply had to go to Europe first and we should not have any debt at all and I should have the most awesome career ever. Then it occurred to Chris and me that we wanted a family more than those things (and I could still continue my doctorate with kids). And I can still go to Europe some day with or without my children--they would have two sets of grandparents who are very willing and excited to babysit. People think kids are the end of life so often. It is a shame that our culture has pressed so much selfish individuality that we have forgotten how much of a blessings children really are.