Aug 30, 2011


I've been looking online trying to get some ideas of what I might get the boys for their birthdays and I can't find hardly anything I'd want to get them. I've never wanted my house to be overrun with toys...I think this year it has become that way since I haven't gotten rid of any of the toys Kingston has received the last two years. Thats about to change.

They don't usually need clothes, especially Weston. I don't like things like playdoh or art supplies at Kingston's age because he doesn't use them correctly. He just likes making a mess. I hate mess. I wouldn't really get them books because we like going to the library and getting new books..for free..and I can send them back which makes no clutter. I have a hard time buying outdoor toys in December because I know they wont use them for months since it will be cold outside.

Hmmm if only they could tell me what they want. A few things that come to mind for Kingston are a buzz lightyear doll, some puzzles and possibly an ipod touch or leapster. I can't think of a single thing for weston. I have time. My birthday is in 2 weeks and there isn't anything I want for myself either. Maybe thats not such a bad thing.

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