Aug 29, 2011


Since we moved almost two months ago I have been so unorganized. I used to have plans for almost every day and specific time with each kid and now we just kind of go with the flow and I really don't like it. It seems nothing gets accomplished. Sure the house is clean and dinner is cooked but there are a lot of things I want to do that never get done and I feel like it's really affecting my mood. So, when I get both the kids in their rooms this afternoon for naps/quiet time I plan to make lists...quite a few lists and the budget needs some help especially since it's coming down to birthday/christmas time. I know they are still months away but since we're all dave ramsified now we plan in advance for that stuff.

One thing I have been consistent with is my prayer time in the morning. I'd like to start it before the kids get up for the day. So far that hasn't happened but even with the chaos it's still been nice. This morning Kingston and I went out in the backyard. It was quiet and cool and I'm really looking forward to the fall and sitting out there with him or possibly by myself. Moments like these make my heart happy.

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