Aug 16, 2011

Kansas city trip

We are home from our trip to kansas city and oh so tired. Last night our plane was delayed and we didn't get in town until midnight and home in bed until 1am. We were at the nashville airport that had a little playground, shopping, starbucks and a food court that kept everyone happy for the four hours we were there so we were extremely thankful. I want to brag on how good the kids were the whole trip. On all 4 flights, in the prayer room, church services and in different sleeping arrangements and schedules. Kingston had tons of pent up energy but minor meltdowns.

We had such a good time with our friends Tiffany and Jonathan. Tiffany was my roomate on the onething internship in 2005 and I'm so glad we've remained close. We wish we didn't live so far away from them.

I think we only got about 4 hours in the prayer room but we really enjoyed the encountering God services. We were able to make it down to the plaza for lunch at my favorite restaurant, Brio tuscan grill and spent a little bit of time at Loose park. Ahhh memories.

On our last day I was feeling a little bummed we didn't get more time in the prayer room but we ran into Corey Russell who is one of the leaders at IHOP and who frequently visits our church. He grabbed a couple of his students and pulled us into one of the side rooms for some prayer and prophetic ministry. It's nearly impossible to get on the waiting list for that type of thing so we felt so blessed and the ministry was just what we needed and a perfect way to end our long awaited trip back to the international house of prayer.

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