Aug 7, 2011

I remember your faithfulness

Last night around 10pm Ben and I heard Weston talking and laughing in his crib. I figured he probably needed a diaper change or something was keeping him up but when I went to get him he was all smiles and giddy with excitement so we let him stay up for a little bit. Isn't his laugh precious?

We've had a busy week and this coming week will be even busier trying to get us ready for our trip. I feel this overwhelming feeling whenever I think about going back to ihop. In a good way though. I feel thankful when I remember the waiting and trusting and surrender it took. Ben and I have never gone together as a married couple (with the exception of a onething conference). I spent 6 months in the year of 2005 not knowing if we would ever be together again but giving my whole heart to God and trusting Him with my dreams. And here we are 6 years later married with two kids...

He is faithful to my heart.

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