Aug 1, 2011

feeling off

I'm at this strange phase again. About 8 months after having Kingston I started seeing the doctor because I was constantly fatigued, lightheaded and shakey it's also about the time I was able to stop worrying about my weight and lost it without any effort. All attempts before that point were a failure. My iron and thyroid checked out okay. Left with some antidepressants that I didn't take for long and eventually got to feeling normal.

Here I am again...8 months post partum and feeling the exact same way. Also I was surprised to see I've lost even more weight despite the fact my eating habits are horrible right now. Is this a hormonal thing or just coincidence? It's weird..guess I'll just wait it out and learn to stand up slowly.

We had a very nice weekend. Birthday party, ocean breeze waterpark and church sunday night. I also cut all my hair off. loving it in this heat!

Kansas city in 10 days!

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