Aug 18, 2011

9 months

Today Weston is 9 months old. I love the stage he is at now. He has such a sweet personality but he is physically very strong. Diaper changes, getting him dressed or into his carseat are now wrestling matches and sometimes I'm not sure I'll win!

This month Weston went on his first airplane ride. Although I'm pretty sure he wont remember it.

He is finally down to two naps a day. He wakes for the day at 9am, naps at 11am for two hours and again at 3pm for two hours then goes to bed at 8pm. He is becoming less and less interested in formula and is trying to be a picky eater but that's not going to fly in this even though he thinks he doesn't like potatoes he is still offered them every time we have them and last night he did eat his entire serving. Hah!

 I'm going to toss out all the bottles soon. He does fine on sippy cups but we still use bottles as extra cups when sippy's aren't clean. The only issue I run into with using sippy's is measuring ounces since they aren't labeled on the cup.

From the time I felt those first little flutters when I was pregnant with him I knew he was going to be completely different than Kingston. I could just tell he was really laid back. Some times I would worry he was okay since he rarely kicked and the only time he's ever been fussy was during teething but he's got it down now. He just cut two with no issues and is working on a bottom tooth now. He is still just crawling and pulling up on things but has yet to start cruising. He's very careful the way he gets around and rarely gets hurt because he knows how to let himself down slowly when he's about to fall. Kingston would just let go of the couch and hit his head constantly. (that boy has no fear) I think Weston is going to take his time with walking. He doesn't seem to be in a rush to do things. Take your time baby.

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