Jul 8, 2011

taking a break

I'll be so glad when we get our internet straightened out. I'm not sure whats wrong but we haven't had time to sit on hold so I've been tethering from my phone all week.

I'm not doing any work around the house today. I've been working for the past week and my body is begging me to slow down. I'm not used to walking on hardwood floors so my feet are hurting too, or maybe I've just been on them a lot.

Kingston had a 24 hour stomach bug on Wednesday. He had a pretty decent fever of 103 and was throwing up. I was sad I missed my dads big 50th birthday party :( Sounds like everyone had a lot of fun.

Weston has 4 teeth now...I'm wondering if more are coming in, he's got all the symptoms. I need to measure him because he has clearly grown. His personality is really showing now. He has been saying "da da" and waving. Still no consistent crawling but I'm wondering if he's going to skip it because he can get himself from his belly to sitting up and call pull up on furniture.

My kitchen makes me happy now that it's bright and cheery. Only 3 rooms left to paint. It's not a huge house so I don't know why the previous tenants/owner chose such dark colors but I'm hoping she wont make me paint it back. Last night Ben put most of kingston's bed together. Kingston had already gone to bed on his mattress in his room and Ben put it together in the living room. When we finished we carried it to his room and lifted his mattress with him in it onto the bed. lol wonder what he thought this morning when he woke up??

Well the kids are calling (screaming)....Hope you all have a great weekend!

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