Jul 20, 2011

Regression and teething

I waited to potty train Kingston until after we had Weston and we all had a few months to adjust because I was concerned he would regress like I've heard a lot of kids do. At 26 months I had him fully trained, even for naps. Since the move he's regressed significantly. It seems every hour he will have an accident which makes me feel bad that us moving is affecting him this way. He's in his own room, a different room in a strange house and still isn't familiar with where the bathrooms are. It all makes sense. So, how do I handle it? So far when I walk in the room and notice he's had an accident I don't make a huge deal but I do give him a timeout and then have him help me clean it up. I'm up to my ears in laundry though :( If we are out in public he does fine. Strange huh?

I think Weston must have read my blog the other day because as soon as I mention he's back to his happy self he turns back into mr grumpy. I see the new tooth so hopefully it will pop through quickly! It seems so strange to me that my little baby has so many teeth. I know Kingston did at this point too but he's starting to look so old.

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