Jul 27, 2011

Pent up energy and Deals

I love having a park in our neighborhood. Kingston has been bursting with energy lately and it's nice being able to just walk down the street in the morning and let him run around for a little bit before it gets too hot. Kingston is like his momma and really doesn't handle the heat well. He'll constantly ask me for water and after about 30 minutes he'll say he's tired and wants to go home. Fine with me.

This week I sold Kingston's toddler bed on craigslist and I scored on some pretty sweet deals myself.

$7 radio flyer scooter my mom and I found at a yard sale

$60 Joovy Caboose. Definitely not as easy to push as my Phil & Teds stroller but I like the sit/stand option for Kingston and the ease of folding it down.

$15 toy story patio table

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