Jul 11, 2011

More sleep

The boys are on the second hour of their naps. They are sleeping so much better in cool dark individual rooms. I'm talking 9:30am some mornings. Makes for one happy mom.

I've gotten quite a bit accomplished today. Taped up the three rooms we're painting tonight, laundry, dishes, made a bunch of phone calls, got the budget in order and paid some bills. Have I mentioned how much I love this area we now live in? I thought I was close to everything before living in Chesapeake but Target is literally right outside my neighborhood. I haven't decided if thats a good or bad thing yet and walmart is just an intersection down from that. No more battlefield blvd traffic. Last night we stopped by wimbledon chase to take out our trash. I peeked my head inside the condo for just a minute. It was dark and empty...it kind of made me sad.

Anyway, depending on how fast we work tonight I'm hoping we'll get all the painting finished. I'm ready to be finished so we can start using our nights and weekends for fun again!

Oh here are pictures of the bathrooms...cause I know you were dying to see!


Kids Bathroom...


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