Jul 14, 2011


We got our bedroom finished last night!!

Now each room has blinds, curtains, fresh paint and is completely unpacked. I actually like having a smaller bedroom. I might change my mind later but everything is just right there. I feel like the square footage in this house makes more sense. In our condo, our bedroom was pretty big and the rest of the rooms were really small. Here at this house we have a huge living room, decent size kitchen but the rooms and bathrooms are smaller. I prefer having more square footage where people actually spend the most time! We really have only 300 more square feet but it feels like so much more!

We had lunch with my mom, sister and Jayden this afternoon and then my sister was finally able to come over and see the house. We walked down the street to the park for a little bit and now the boys are napping. I wake up each morning in a panic because it's nearly 10am and I think something must be wrong because they never woke me up but they are sound asleep. Bliss!

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