Jul 4, 2011

declaring independence from wimbledon chase

I never thought last Sunday when Ben and I had that conversation we'd be in our new home just a week later. And I mean we are basically unpacked. There is so much painting to do though. Weston is in a purple room haha and our living room is blue which does not go well with the new rug and pillows I got.

We bought all the paint yesterday and will probably start this week. Ben is outside with Kingston pressure washing the house. We raged war on some ants yesterday and I think we won. We have a huge recycling bin now so no more hauling it all over to my parents house to use theirs. It's the little things.

This afternoon were heading back over to the condo to get a few things we left and clean it up a bit.

Happy 4th!!!


  1. The house looks so spacious! It looks great even with the blue, but I'm sure you'll make it even better.

  2. I hope so. I'm nervous about the colors I picked haha

  3. Cant wait to see it with new paint on the walls!!