Jul 19, 2011


Yesterday after the morning rush (bottles, sippies, breakfast, coffee and diaper changes) we were sitting around watching the prayer room and Kingston said, "mommy, lets go to the beach". I thought it sounded like a pretty good idea so I called my sister to join, packed up the kids and headed out. I hadn't been to the beach in about a month so it felt great! Weston sat happily in the stroller and munched on crackers. Kingston played in the ocean for almost 3 hours by himself. I was right there sitting in my chair but with his little life vest on he runs in the water about knee high and then runs back when a wave comes. I love that he's able to play by himself sometimes so I can entertain the baby. We ended our beach day with smoothies.

This morning at the wic office Kingston was measured and weighed. He finally hit 30lbs and is 37" inches tall. But since he HATES getting his weight checked (he sits perfectly still for shots and finger pricks) I have to get weighed first and then hold him for his and I'm 98lbs again :)

Ben heard back from the bank. We are officially approved to short sale the condo. We kind of knew that already but it was official as of yesterday. Now we know what amount the bank will accept and we have a different realtor, Mrs. Guy, helping us out. So, if we get an offer we wont have to wait long for the bank to accept it. We're hoping it sells by October because if it does we'll be getting some money back.

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