Jul 12, 2011

3rd time a charm..

Well the kitchen is done. First it was lime green, then minty green and now it's a dark sagey olive green and I'm finally happy with it. 

So, we have the living room and kitchen finished. Weston's room is half done, just needs some edge work and our room is primed and ready for paint. I think Weston's room had the biggest transformation. It was a really dark purple and now it's the same color as living room. It's not a color I would normally pick but eventually I'd like the boys to share a room again and I'm not sure what kind of bedding they will have at that point so I just went neutral and hopefully wont have to change it.

Kingston has taken "terrible two's" to a whole new level recently. I'm sure it's because he's just plain bored with all the house hunting, packing, moving, painting and cleaning thats been going on but sometimes I'm just baffled by his behavior. What gives him the idea to take our big recliner and just knock it over on it's back? Or yesterday when I was washing the couch cushions that zip off he decided to completely unstuff one of the cushions and allow West to eat it. I wonder why he thinks my new curtains are ropes to swing from and our rug is a big blanket to roll himself up in. The kitchen counters have become platforms to jump off and forget baby gates... he quickly figured out that if you run and slam your body against them hard enough they will come down. I don't know any other child his age who does these things. Please tell me there is one! This isn't a bash Kingston post...as I type this I'm laughing because it's so overwhelming at times I simply have to.

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