Jun 21, 2011

up and down

I was excited to reach my goal weight (99 pounds) a few months ago so I figured I could lighten up and say yes to some things I normally don't allow myself to have. Something about seeing 3 digits on the scale freaks me out. That totally backfired. I've gained about 4 pounds. I know big deal right? Well when your petite every pound counts. Literally 4-5 pounds gained for me looks like 10-15 on someone else.

I planned out our menu for the next two weeks and I'm really excited about the meals we're going to try. I am the only picky person in our house. I buy fruits and veggies I don't like and make them for the family in hopes that I'll have good eaters, and Kingston is a great eater. Getting him to eat unhealthy things is usually the challenge when we're in a hurry. He doesn't like pizza, hamburgers or anything from taco bell (can't really blame him on that one) but he loves salad. So I'm forcing myself to try new things. It's going to mean more frequent trips to the store though.

We're going to get another treadmill. I've been going to my parent's house the last two days and using theirs. I feel amazing afterwards. Not sure where we're gonna put it but we'll make it work I guess.

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