Jun 15, 2011


I needed today to be a good day. yesterday was not but when Ben got home he took the boys to the library and out for ice cream and I had some time to myself. ahhh peace and quiet. you really appreciate silence when you've got two little ones...but not for long. After a few hours I'm ready to have a noisy house again!

This morning I took some tylenol and packed up the kids to go to the beach with my dad. sure, they both had their meltdowns but I think we all had a good time. Kingston has been extra sweet lately, he's like my little BFF.

We have tossed out the old routine and introduced an afternoon siesta! The boys room get super warm in the middle of the day (b/c it's technically not supposed to be a room so the vents don't cool/heat it properly) so we all three nap on my bed. It's my favorite time of the day..cuddled up with my babies makes me feel blessed.

When mr floyd gets home I'm going to request he take us all to dinner :-)

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