Jun 22, 2011

shopping buddies

We just got home from grocery shopping. This was my second time taking the boys on my own and once again it went really well. They are both a lot more behaved in the car now that I have their seats right next to each other and I think they enjoy being side by side in the grocery cart too. my little buddies.

Just as I was pulling in with a truck full of groceries and two sleeping kids I see two strangers entering our house. They were getting the key from the lock box but they were certainly not supposed to be there. We had a scheduled showing for tomorrow and I guess somehow there was a mixup. The house wasn't a disaster but it certainly was not perfect like I want it to be. So I sat outside in the car and waited for them to leave. Major bummer that happened.

This is only day three of exercising/eating better and I'm already down 3 pounds. It kind of seems impossible to me so I'm assuming either my scale is wacko or I just had some water weight.


  1. shopping with 2 is always an adventure! Glad it went well. HOw do you put them in the cart together? Put both their legs through 1 hole? Or do you go somewhere with a 2 seater?

  2. one of our grocery stores has a cart with an infant seat right next to a regular seat so it works out perfect. I have to drive a little further to that store but it's newer and nicer and has those amazing carts!