Jun 13, 2011

Once again we have to buy something I really don't wanna buy. For months Ben and I have been complaining about back pain. In the last week it's really been affecting me. I wake up each morning feeling like I've been hit by a car. So I guess a new mattress is in our near future, until then I may be sleeping on the couch.

Tomorrow we have another showing of the house. It seems like nothing has been happening with that lately so it's nice to feel like there is some interest. Ben and I have really been praying this week. Kingston needs to be in a bigger bed, but I have no where to put one. We miss our treadmill...again no where to put one. I've lost my creativity for organizing because there is just no more room and I've become a rearranging addict (if there is such a thing) trying to make this work.

Anyway my hope has been since we started this process was to get the bank to approve the sale and get an offer shortly after. So here we go again on another cleaning spree.

Wish us luck!

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  1. I will have to look up what type of mattress we have. Its great. Tho sometimes I think it might be too soft.