Jun 28, 2011

on the hunt

searching for a house today. can you believe some people are so picky about pets they don't even allow fish? well I don't have any fish but I do have a 10 pound diva shih tzu that is eliminating a lot of options for us. I found a nice home today in a great location. Half way between greenbrier (where I currently live) and geico (where ben works). I'm definitely open to it but I didn't have that anxious excited feeling after walking through it.

the kids were troopers in the car for a few hours. maybe they'll get some ice cream tonight or something. my house is such a mess right now but I think I've got my mind set on moving so I'm not super motivated to clean it. how does it take me hours to get it clean and kingston minutes to make it dirty? even Weston has started contributing to the mess. so yea...their pretty messy but they are a ton of fun.

Weston's new favorite is the mesh feeder....(fyi bananas are near impossible to clean out of this thing)

Kingston is pretty attached to these boots and they must be worn at all times except for sleeping....let me tell you they look awesome with shorts!


  1. Those are awesomeee boots!

    My cousin just moved back to Tidewater (he's in the Navy) and had a horrible time finding a rental house because he and his wife have not one, but two pitbulls. I think it should go easier for you, though, with fancy little Gracie. Haha! Shih tzus are the funniest dogs. Good luck!

  2. haha they really are funny dogs and they are all alike!

    I'm sure you'll see on FB. but we got a house today :)

  3. Yeah, I saw! Congrats! It sounds like a great location too.