Jun 30, 2011

moving to the beach

Sunday night Ben and I were sitting on the couch. I was frustrated with our home and Kingston constantly waking Weston in the mornings and feeling pretty defeated with trying to keep the house showable to potential buyers.

We've heard nothing from the bank and were supposed to at least 2 weeks ago on the status of our short sale approval. Ben came up with the idea that we just move out. I got all stressed. How can we do that? Wont the bank get mad and immediately move towards foreclosure? But he called monday morning anyway and surprisingly they said "sure". Sure?.... Just like that?! 

For over a year we've been praying about what to do and have constantly gone back and forth about the decision to sell. It was not an easy decision for me. All I want is God's will for us and to be honest because I want the best He has. I was really upset about missing a mortgage payment but our lenders have been amazing. I pictured them sending us scary threatening letters, instead they told us not to make our payments. We worried about a deficiency judgment, they said not to because there isn't one. All the stress and worry has been on my part. VHDA has been kind and so helpful, almost as if they genuinely care and we might even get some money to help with moving costs. seriously?!?!

So..we began searching. Rentals are crazy right now (maybe they always are). Every appt I went to there were at least 3 other people there looking. I mentioned a house in a previous entry that I wasn't crazy about but I was crazy about the neighborhood...I put it in the maybe bookmark folder and went searching for more. I found one on craigslist...it was okay and according to my gps was close to another house I was going by on Wednesday. I got there and realized I was in the neighborhood of the house I saw the other day...the owner came walking down the street with two babies on her hip...don't I know what thats like?

I walked in and was shocked. The pictures did not do that house justice. Large living room with hardwood floors and fire place, updated kitchen with tile. 3 bedrooms, two full baths, one car garage, huge fenced in back yard,  community pool, park and tennis courts, accepts pets, and cheaper than what we pay now. 

I told Ben to meet me there asap. He came from work on his lunch break and got there in 8 minutes!! He loved it so we signed the lease and got the keys this morning and move this weekend. I knew this would happen fast when the time came. When I drove into that neighborhood this morning I got really emotional because we have prayed and prayed for answers and guidance and even that our home would  bless the next buyers and I feel peace which is exactly how I wanted to feel.

So what happens with our place? Well we are only 1 of 2 left to sell in this neighborhood which is great considering there were 5-7 signs when we listed. It will be vacant so that makes showings much easier and we have four months to sell it on our own. If it doesn't sell by that point the bank will take over but we will not be foreclosing. 


  1. thats great Lesley!! God has really answered your prayers :) House looks great! -Maribeth Drinkard!

  2. So great! I am so happy that God has blessed you guys this way!

  3. What an awesome blessing! I KNOW your pain... all to well and it's really encouraging to hear God has given you a way out of your old place into something so much better. I would love to hear some details about how you are doing it... we have had such a hard time with our condo which we're currently renting out and it sounds like you found a way to make it work.

  4. Sure melissa. Whatever you want to know. First thing we did was went to our lenders website and got info. With vhda you work directly with 1 person so it makes things so easy. I'm not sure who your lender is but our lender said 99% of all their short sales get approved.