Jun 27, 2011

longing for "perfection"

I feel like I've been all over the place emotionally today but right now I think I'm in a better place...I think.

Our weekend wasn't what I was hoping for. Instead of going to the movies and the beach we went furniture shopping. I disliked it as a kid and I still do. We bought mattresses and I ordered Kingston his new bed. I have woken up the past two days actually feeling rested. I guess getting a new mattress was worth it.

I've been so anxious lately about moving. I want to put my boys in their own room until they are a little older and I want no stairs because weston has started crawling a little. Just a few strides here and there but it's coming annnny day now. I want a backyard for Kingston because he needs to burn that energy. I'm tired of feeling cramped and cluttered and going nuts cleaning the house for every showing.

The bank gave us the go ahead to move out so as soon as we find a place, we are. I feel sad and happy and nervous and excited all at the same time.


  1. I'm sorry your weekend wasn't as fun as you had hoped! I hate it when your weekend isn't what you wanted and then you have to wait allll week all over again. Ah!

    But that's awesome that the bank approved you moving out! I hope you find the perfect place. I'll be super sad when we move in a couple of years too, but we will run out of space when baby number two comes someday and Eliot is a little older.

  2. thank you. yea it's bittersweet I guess. this place is our home, where we've spent most of our 5 years married and had our kids yet we've outgrown it. I wonder if a rental will even feel like "home". Ahh well.