Jun 4, 2011

Lets do this again...

We're having the best vacation so far...

The weather is gorgeous here in myrtle beach. Not too hot..just perfect. Our hotel is really nice too. You just never know when you book online. We definitely stayed at the right end of the beach this time. There is a pool, lazy river, kiddie splash park, kiddie pool and hot tub. Kingston goes from each one every few minutes. He can't get enough and I love the way our room is set up to where the kids can be asleep in the bedroom while we can hang out in the living room.

We had a nice time at the beach this morning, followed by some pool time and then we took the kids to a small theme park this evening. I'm so proud of Kingston he rode all the rides, even roller coasters for his age :) Then we walked on the boardwalk and got some ice cream, Weston's new love.

I'm so glad we came with my parent's and my brother and sister are arriving tonight. I'm looking forward to spending some time with them. Reminds me of all the times we spent in Miami growing up and all those perfect vacations. It's nice to all be together.

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