Jun 12, 2011

Good sunday morning

I'm sitting next to my favorite two year old. We have done so much lately that I think we are all worn out and need to just relax this morning even though we had plans to go to the beach. I don't think my skin can handle much more sun right now and poor Weston is really missing his 3 daily naps. I will be glad when he is down to at least two naps and when he gets a little break from teething. At this rate I don't think we'll be getting our happy boy back for some time but he seriously looks cute with those two bottom teefers.

Check out his guacamole face


  1. Ha! Weston looks way into the guac. Have you tried chamomile for his teething? I have no clue if it works, but I read that you can make a strong cup of chamomile tea and make it into a popsicle or soak a washcloth in it for a teething baby to suck on. Eliot hasn't started teething yet, but I figured I'd give it a try when the time comes. It's worth a shot. :)

  2. Everything I have tried with him is not working. Im desperate for him to get some relief. I've never known a child who can scream for hours without getting tired and when I try to comfort him he just kicks me or goes stiff. Im at a loss..ill have to try that.