Jun 17, 2011

The feets are ready

I did not forget fathers day was coming up, but I did forget a gift.

This morning I brainstormed. We have construction paper, fun scissors, glue, finger paints and 2 sets of wittle feet. So I painted them..and they giggled. Kingston tracked it everywhere and Weston is in love with sucking on his toes right now even if they are covered in finger paint so I had to reapply a few times but after about ten tries I got a decent pair of feet from each of them.

I printed out a sweet poem I found online ( i can't read it without tearing up), picked up a frame and put it all together. During the process I thought how nice it will be when they can get their own gifts for their daddy. I'm no artist, and really not very creative but it came out okay. When it was all done and in the frame Kingston said "The feets are ready!"


  1. I LOVE this idea! Totally doing it next year. We bought Lee a HUGE soft sided tackle box!

  2. Thanks! Bet he liked that! Ben got a guitar a few months ago so that's why I kept it super simple.