Jun 19, 2011

Fathers day

We're leaving here in a bit to go to a baseball game. My dad got a VIP suite so we have access to an indoor area. Should be nice especially with the kids. We woke up early this morning and went to the 8:15 service. Woah that was rough but dunkin donuts coffee made it all better.

I'm feeling blessed that my boys have such a great dad but even more because I do too! I love how we get together during the week and go to the beach or the pool. I'm sure not a lot of people do that with their dads so I feel pretty fortunate and my boys love their papa!

There are some pretty amazing dads out there and Ben is definitely one of them. He is the best dad for our children and an excellent provider but always makes sure he's there. We both feel that time together as a family will always be more important than money when our needs our met. I'm so incredibly thankful for him and I hope he feels blessed today. My boys are so lucky to have him as their daddy, they may not realize it now because they know no different but just like I realize now how blessed I am to have a dad like I do I'm sure they will feel the same one day :)

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