Jun 20, 2011

7 Months

Weston turned 7 months on Saturday. We were so busy I didn't get to update about it. I was starting to wonder when we were going to hear some more babling with consonants from him and just when I had brought it up to Ben a few days earlier out of nowhere in the car he started saying "baba baba baba".

He still is not that great at sitting up unassisted and it's not from lack of tummy time. Maybe a few minutes here and there but lately he's been getting up on all fours and rocking. Oh no you don't! I'm not ready for another little mess maker to be mobil.

He's pretty much an expert at feeding himself with his hands now, and holding both a sippie cup and a bottle.  

He's got two bottom teeth and two top teeth that are almost through and some very wild hair that I'm not sure what to do with.

He seems to be following in Kingston's exact steps developmentally. So far his teeth, learning to sit, crawl and babble recognizable sounds are the same. I'm praying he doesn't walk at 10 months though. At least wait until your a year old baby! 


  1. Addie walked at 9 months!
    Addie learned to sit at 6 months. Claire is already sitting at 5 months.
    I can't take her walking earlier than 9 months! LOL

  2. I was noticing claire is reaching her milestones kinda early or at least earlier than lazy little Weston. Kingston seemed to do things late then walked somewhat early so I'm not worried about Weston taking his time.