May 20, 2011


I took Weston in for his 6 month well visit this morning. He is 16lbs - 25th percentil and 26.5 inches long - 60th percentile. He is cutting 4 teeth (sure explains a lot) and I got a script for zantac since he spits up so much that it's affected his weight a bit. He's still good size just not in the 50th percentile anymore like he's always been.

So now were going to do smaller more frequent bottle feedings (boo) and transition to 2 naps instead of 3. He had his first taste of yogurt yesterday and wont have another taste until he is 9 months to a year. He has had 4 blowouts since, one that made it onto my lap. yuck!

What has kingston been up to today? We got him a train table last we probably wont hear much from him for the next few days :) The boy loves his trains.

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