May 3, 2011

Peace and Quiet

ahhhh it's wonderful. Our roof has been under construction for about a week with constant banging which caused the dog to bark most of the day and made the baby cry...but they are finally gone!!! And our home looks so much nicer now. The new roof has got us wanting to paint the door and stain the patio. We'll see.

I've never been late on a bill...ever. The only way to begin this short sale process was to be 30 days delinquent on our mortgage. On April first I was stressed about not sending in our payment but we have all the paperwork filled out now and I'm feeling confident we will get approved. We also have another person coming to see the house tonight. Once again, we are just walking through the doors and feeling this thing out. I haven't even started looking at where we will move and I wont until we have an offer. So thats where we are at as far as selling the house goes.

Weston has gone through all the stage 1 veggies and is now moving on to fruits. He's doing really well, and is even a fan of mum-mum's but puffs...not so much haha

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