May 5, 2011

Our Day

We need a new TV...that phrase sounds weird to me. We don't need a TV but if we want to watch TV anymore were going to have to buy one since ours is almost dead. We went out shopping for one last night and neither of us wanted to buy one. It just seems like there are a lot of better things to spend that money on.

Since we have this new routine down with kingston I thought I'd share what it looks like now.

7:30am Kingston wakes up and comes in bed with me. No one is allowed out of bed until 8am so he has to wait until then.
8:00am we got downstairs for breakfast
8:30-9am Weston gets up for his bottle. We all play and I watch the today show with my coffee.
9:30am I give weston some cereal and put him down for his first nap
10:00am Kingston can watch an hour of TV. This is when I usually get online, clean or get a shower.
11:00am Kingston and I sit at the table and have some learning time (I bought some preschool activity books)
11:45am I make lunch
12:00pm Weston wakes up for a bottle
12:30pm We all three sit on my bed for story time
1:00pm Kingston goes to his room for independent play time. Weston and I have one on time which consist of me eating his feet and those adorable little legs!
1:30pm I turn Kingston's light off and tell him it's rest time. He throws a fit by his door and passes out. 2:00pm Weston takes a nap on my bed.
From 2-4pm it's mommy's break time! This is when I'll do my prayer room hours eventually when we get our internet set up and I can have the live webstream.
4:00pm Kingston wakes up (or I wake him) and he gets to watch another movie. Ben gets home from work, Weston gets his bottle and then I start dinner.
5:00pm is dinner
6:00pm Weston gets a nap, Kingston plays with Daddy, I clean the kitchen
7:00pm Weston gets up, we have some family time, he gets his last bottle, Kingston cleans up his toys, both boys get jammies, Weston goes to bed, kingston gets his teeth brushed and one story and goes to bed.

8:00pm We sigh, and veg out on the couch! So thats my life with two.

I have to say that kingston isn't a huge fan of "learning time" but he is getting better. He is told that if he doesn't want to sit and do it with me he can go sit in timeout. There have been days where I've announced it's learning time and he immediately will go sit on the steps, his timeout spot. Hahah silly boy.

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