May 16, 2011


A few months ago Ben picked up a VHS player at the thrift store. It's been great because were able to get kingston tons of VHS movies for usually $.50 each. His new favorite is toy story. I put on land before time the other day and it was stressing him out so much I had to turn it off. When sharp tooth was attacking the other dinosaurs he kept screaming "oh no whats happening?!?!...go away big dinosaur!!" Toy story 3 gets him all uptight too. It's a little more action packed than the first two. But it's crazy to me to see how much he is understanding whats going on in the movies and another reminder to really pay attention to what is on when Ben and I watch TV.

I miss my content easy going baby so much it makes me a little sad. For weeks now he has been so miserable. I decided to take him in to the doctor today and get Kingston's throat swabbed. Weston's diagnosis: teething. It's always good that nothing is wrong with your child but it also makes you feel a little crazy that you can't tell when your baby is just teething. And kingston was negative for strep, but least I can be sure right? heh

It's going to be a busy week and I need a good kick in the behind....I have zero motivation lately. Ben is pretty understanding though. He came home the other night and said "so umm...whats going on with the house?" since I obviously didn't clean it and tonight he made dinner. Maybe it's just me, but just listening to crying all day drains me physically. All you wanna do is solve your child's problems and it makes you feel pretty helpless when you can't.

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