May 15, 2011

The joy of the Lord will be our strength

Dear oragel and teething tablets, I miss you!!!

Where have I been? Hmm it's been a busy week. Errands, play dates, yard sales, groceries and sick kiddos.

Weston has been crying a lot and Kingston has been throwing up for the past two days. Probably strep but I'd rather just take him in tomorrow instead of going to patient first today. I don't like the doctors there.

Mrs floyd hasn't been herself lately either, so no motivation for blogging. That darn PPD is trying to creep up again. I try not to bother others on facebook and blogger when I'm having a bad day because there is plenty of negativity there without me contributing to it. 

So needless to say, there has been a lot of tears in the floyd house this week. We're always appreciative of prayers though :)


We were going to get direct TV and internet but when direct showed up last week there was no place available to receive a signal and our wireless modem we got from verizon wasn't working. So, after all that we realized we don't want TV anymore. We've gone 5 years without it and survived and do I really need more TV in my life? We're going ahead with the internet so I can webstream the prayer room at home. I am so looking forward to having ihop in my living room.

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